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CBC National Interviews Edgewood Furniture about Tariffs causing spike in furniture prices

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

On May 31, 2021 CBC NEWS came to our headquarters with questions about the tariffs being put on imported goods in Canada. Specifically, imported furniture and how it is affecting retail prices across the country. Dino Colalillo explains the struggle for manufacturers has been a long one (about a decade now.) He's seen many fellow business owners pack their bags and close up shop because it's been too hard to compete with prices from goods coming already made from over seas.

Edgewood has managed to pivot and differentiate themselves by offering more customization in terms of fabrics and different colours, because they can't compete with mass-produced foreign items. But the main takeaway from all this is the hopes that Canadian's really see and understand the importance of supporting local manufacturing.

For more information and the full article check out CBC's link at


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